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Join us on a journey of digital excellence, where we help you harness the power of AI and advanced technologies to maximize efficiency and scale your business to new heights. 

Since 2000, MyZone.ai has been the home of digital marketing and AI consulting, helping businesses transform their digital presence. 

We empower small businesses through cutting-edge AI solutions so they can “Scale Up. Smarter.” We do this through a simple approach: leveraging the power of AI to enhance efficiency in our clients’ businesses. 

We are so confident in our approach that we apply it to our own operations; leveraging advanced technologies to ensure the highest possible value for our clients. 

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Don’t Take Our Word For It

We’re leading and creating a world without waste. It’s a monumental task that requires exponential thinking from exponential thinkers and Mike is just that. Mike and the team aren’t just using tools, they’re creating a new business paradigm, or new business thinking. Mike operates from what ‘could be’, and not ‘what was’.
Mike & Andrej definitely woke our company up to the risks and opportunities around AI, and helped to get some very important conversations started. We’re excited about the automation opportunities around customer support and training, and the vision of abundance for all. This workshop is highly recommended for anyone that needs to kick start their AI vision!
Mike Schwarz sounds a stark warning for all SME business owners. Get on the AI wave, NOW, or get buried in its wake. As a business owner himself, and a long time expert in the Marketing industry, Mike is able to simplify the impact and opportunity presented by AI in a manner that resonates with his audience. He’s an entertaining, educational and engaging speaker whose real-world experience with AI is invaluable.

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